Organic Pest Control
We offer a comprehensive integrated pest management program that uses only natural ingredients. Insects can be a nuisance.  Whether it is that American Cockroach that flies by you in the evening while you are watching tv or the trail of ants that seem to always be able to find where you moved the honey.  Or how about every time you step out onto your porch and you walk into a cobweb?  Story Home Services can help.  With over seven years of experience in the pest control industry, we know how to stop pests before they infest your home.  Even if you are currently having problems, we can help you too!  With another company already?  Try switching to us to see the results of our quality service.  If you do not want synthetic pesticides in or around your home, then this is the service for you!  Call today for more information on how this pest management solution can work for you. 
We also offer conventional pest control for your home. Whether you simply want a preventative service or you are currently having pest problems, we can help provide a solution that best fits your needs. 
What our customers are saying:
"I was very excited when he offered Organic Pest Control. I keep my grandkids and the less chemical the better for me. I was very surprised on the pleasant fragrance it had after the application. You will be too. His company is the only one that I know that offers this service."
- Mary S. - Martinez, GA